What to look for in a mattress?

Is the mattress supporting the natural curve of the spine, keeping your back untwisted when you are in bed and evenly distribute the pressure on your body? This border is usually a heavy gauge wire, which offers more comfort and support end to end. If the answer to these questions is “yes”, if the mattress solves the problem air circulation from the body heat which improves sleeping quality you are on a good way.

Springs pocket coil / memory foam mattresses independent memory generally do a better job in providing adequate back-support from other mattresses.

Force factor, a factor of either soft or not?

Unless you’re from another planet, you have three sleeping positions: back, side, one your belly. But it is common for people to use more than one place at night. Depending on what position you are sleeping in, different parts of the body have to be supported.

Some say that the “fixed” or hard mattress offers better support. But what matters is that the mattresses do share the pressure of the body and provide better support. Some experts recommend firm mattresses so that back and stomach do not to sink into mattress and preventing strong bending of your back, causing back pain.

Back sleepers tend to get a mattress, which provides support to fill gaps in the contour of the back, but also offer enough comfort to not feel like a table. Note that it is easy to add some softness to a firm mattress with padding. Note that firm mattresses are designed to be strong, so in some cases, the addition of a buffer is useful if you like it softer.

Side sleepers experience a lot of pressure, especially that of small areas of the body. It reduces blood flow and causes extended twisting and turning in the night. Soft side mattress can help to minimize pressure on the bed in these areas. A recent study of adults with chronic back pain showing pain, sleeping on firm to medium mattresses causes less back pain than the very firm mattress.

For those of us who can not decide, some manufacturers produce air mattresses with separate controls to make solid or soft mattress on both sides, so that different comfort preferences of you and your partner are included.

Change your bed

mattress on the bed
Some think getting a new mattress and keeping the old foundations is a good idea in order to save money. Do not do that! Old foundations seem to have negative impacts on the sustainability of the new mattress and voids the warranty.


Always check that the new security that protects against manufacturing defects before you sleep. For example, some product have 10 years, non-proportional warranty. Read the fine print. The data shows that less than 2% of sleep sets are actually refunded to the structural problems (such as a coil broken or torn the cover). The manufacturers of mattresses offer many guarantees convincing that you are buying a quality product.

Most manufacturers offer 10 years pro rata warranty on their premium products to protect you against defects in materials or workmanship. You should read a copy of the warranty for each mattrress to have full knowledge of the details. If you are seriously considering a mattress read the warranty. But the guarantees of mattresses are not a guarantee of longevity, which affects the quality and quantity of materials used to manufacture mattresses, the weight of people sleeping in it, and the care you take with the kit.


Since many people sleep better when the partners are not crowded, you should buy the largest sized mattress that fits the bedroom and your own budget. Make sure you have room to stretch.

Buying a mattress can be difficult!

Buying a mattress can be as complicated as buying a car. One of the ex-mattress salesmen told us that you can compare prices, using the name of the mattress. As for cars, mattresses, a product is sold under a different name in another store. Unfortunately, the car, a mattress industry, and many others have done so voluntarily. So if you go from store to store, compare the number of springs and firmness, then compare the feeling. The Inter-American Commission has established minimum requirements for the computation of the coil. If you see a very cheap, especially in the mattress, it is likely that the mattress does not meet the standards of ICB

Beware of bargains!

It is not a good deal if the result of your new mattress is bad sleep. Do not just buy for the best price. You’ll be sorry. A few hundred if you can afford it can make a huge difference. Remember, you will spend a third of your life is the mattress.